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The Madars Apse Interview

We spoke to the Latvian powerhouse Madars Apse (@madarsapse) about how the coronavirus epidemic has effected the skateboarding industry amongst many other things. Interview conducted on the 1st June 2020.

Interview: Robert Delaney (@robertjdelaney)

(Below) Ollie.

Photo by Ben Karpinski (@karpinsk)

Robert: The skate scene in Latvia isn’t an internationally known one, do you feel people from

lesser known scenes are at a disadvantage when it comes to making it in the

skateboarding world?

Madars: I don't necessarily think so, the only disadvantage is being a bit further away from all the action. But if you're really a fan, you will go anywhere, participate and meet all the right people. I feel like more importantly it's what pushes you, how motivated you are & what you really want to do with your life and skateboarding; then naturally you would find your place.

Robert: The coronavirus has put lots of people out of work, caused economic mayhem and has been an all-around nightmare. Being a pro skater for a big company like element, has

much changed for you in terms of future trips or video parts being put on hold?

Madars: A couple less trips, a smaller salary, friends fired. I have been affected, but not as much as other people. I feel like, all my sponsors are still able to pay me and I really appreciate it. As for video parts, I got stuck out here in California, but this is the place where I kind of want to be. During the quarantine I would go skate schools and businesses that are shut down with my roommate Dave. If I didn't stay here for 3 months my new DC part would look different for sure.

(Left) BS flip

Photo by Gaston Francisco (@gastonfrancisco)

Robert: On the topic of life as a skateboarder, this relates to all of us, how much are you missing chilling with the homies and skating wherever you like?

Madars: I'm ok with where I'm at. I would still go out, skate and see my friends quite often. On the contrary I really enjoy staying at the house and running errands, chilling, doing some yoga and meditation, cooking... This quarantine has been a blessing in disguise.

(Above) Hand Plant

Photo by David Manaud (@davemanaud)

Robert: A blessing in disguise for sure! What’s been getting you through quarantine, self isolation or whatever term you like to describe the world's current situation as? Music, meditation, skate parts?

Madars: Well I am in California, staying with my very good friend Dave. We're right near the beach and a nice park, my friend loaned me his bike. I have been sowing my ripped socks & pants, doing some work around Daves' yard, watched all 9 Star Wars movies and going through the Mandalorian series now... I also got a new music instrument - the Shehnai from India. It's been fun, but next week my 3 month visa expires, so I'm flying back to Latvia!

Robert: In a Transworld interview you said that your favourite skater growing up was Janoski, has that changed? If it hasn’t, is there any newer skater you’re really digging at the moment?

Madars: So many! Mostly my friends I have been skating with, skateboarding is gnarly and it ain't going nowhere. I like all types of skateboarding, inside out!

(Above) FS nose slide

Photo by Gaston Francisco (@gastonfrancisco)

Robert: Finally, in what unconventional ways does speaking several languages come in handy on international trips with element or DC?

Madars: I speak 4, and every time I get a chance to use them I do! It's a nice way to break barriers and discover new cultures, really learn about it!

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