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The Campaign to Save Malton's Halfpipe

Over the last 13 weeks, Ryan Swain has been working relentlessly to save a part of UK skateboarding history. Ryan is leading a campaign to restore the iconic halfpipe ramp in Malton, North Yorkshire. The halfpipe in Malton is now one of only three free outdoor halfpipes in the whole of the UK but in recent years it has fallen into a state of disrepair. The response of the UK skateboarding community to Ryan’s campaign has been one of immense solidarity. Over 1300 people have signed an e-petition advocating for the restoration of the ramp. Moreover, local tradespeople such as joiners, fabricators and builders have offered their services for free to aid in the restoration of the halfpipe. Generous donations have been given to Ryan’s cause by members of the public too. Ryan’s campaign has also garnered the support of skateboarding and BMX icons such as Tony Hawk and Jamie Bestwick. The combined efforts of the skateboarding community and those sympathetic to Ryan’s cause have not been in vain. Last week, Ryan’s campaign was granted permission by Norton Town Council to take the restoration project to the next stage. The first MNAP Project Meeting taking place on Wednesday night will hopefully set a date for the when restoration work can begin.

If you want to find out more about Ryan’s project follow him on Instagram:

Sign Ryan’s petition to save the Malton Half Pipe using this link:

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