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Skaters and Mental Health

Today (the 14th of May 2020) marks a year since beloved skater, Ben Raemers, sadly took his own life. The tragic event shook the skateboarding world. Skaters mourned Ben’s death globally from Dublin to Pairs, Ipswich to San Francisco. This global response to Ben’s passing showed how tight knit our skateboarding community really is. The unification of thousands of skaters globally was quite surreal but it also showed something else. It showed that the catalyst for change had occurred. Ben’s passing sparked a new-found openness regarding the topic of mental health amongst skaters. I myself even saw this profound change. I can talk to my friends openly about my struggles with mental health, suicide and other issues I've faced. This relationship is mutual and my mates do the same with me. Ben’s passing really made us see how fragile life is. It showed us we must look out for each other, look for signs, look for things that may be wrong. It showed us that skaters provide the best support network if you’re struggling. The stigma around mental health decreases everyday but more still needs to be done. We all need to play our part and honestly it’s not that hard. Just listen. Be there for your friends and approach them with an attitude of compassion rather than an attitude of laissez-faire, or dismissal. Rest in peace Ben Raemers.

Attached is links to the Ben Raemers foundation’s website and MIND (a mental health charity).

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