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Books of the Month (April)

Whilst in quarantine we now all have time to read and here is a few of my recommendations.

Odeum Spotlights, Olly Todd

Odeum Spotlights is a collection of poetry written by Olly Todd. Todd, a well known skater having ridden for Palace Skateboards, released this collection of poems in 2018. Published by Rough Trade Books, the collection delves into the roles our reconstructed pasts and differently imagined presents play in our memories and friendships. My favourite poem in the collection is "the good listener". You can purchase Todd's collection at this link

Waltz With Bashir, Ari Folman and David Polonsky

This graphic novel is written by Ari Folman, a Tel Aviv based filmmaker. Waltz With Bashir (originally an animated documentary) explores the genocide of Palestinians in Beirut and the tole these events took on the Israeli soldiers who were present in Lebanon's capital during September 1982. David Polonsky's illustrations in the novel are vivid and unique. The way he portrays the emptiness of the war torn city of Beirut is outstanding. Folman's dialogue and character development throughout the graphic novel portray the detrimental effect these events had on those involved. You can purchase this graphic novel at this link

Sputnik Sweetheart, Haruki Murakami

This bizarre novel written by acclaimed author Haruki Murakami is worth a read. The relationship between the narrator (K), the protagonist (sumire) and the woman she is in love with (Miu) is a beautiful, yet complicated one. Sumire, an aspiring novelist, is a unconventional young woman. Murakami's portrayal of Sumire as a character who looks like someone out of a Kerouac novel is neat in its own right. The development of this story is unique yet enjoyable and I thoroughly recommend checking it out, especially if you are looking for a light read. You can purchase Sputnik Sweetheart at this link

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