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Books of the Month (May)

May 2020 was chaotic. This period was bizarre; books were a sobering escape from our seemingly crumbling reality. Here are the books of the month from May.

The Old Man and The Sea, Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway wrote in such a unique and refreshing way, it is hard to fathom the modern literary world without his works. The Old Man and The Sea is a story of innocence and beauty. The vivid description of the Cuban coastal town in which the old man lives, the sea in which he fishes and plethora of fish mentioned throughout the novel culminate in a spectacular way. The physical description of the landscape forms a solid rendition of Cuba. Hemingway’s way of exploring the old man’s emotions, thought process and outlook on life is perhaps even more vivid than the description of the landscape. The description of the old man’s mind plays into the deeper concepts of determination and the futility of life. A light read perfect for the Summer months. You can purchase Hemingway’s classic here:

New York in 1979, Kathy Acker

New York in 1979 is a series of short pieces in which Acker explores female desire, sexuality and the lesbian scene of New York in the late 70’s. The literary monster gives an enticing perspective on the previously mentioned issues and provokes thought within the reader (especially if, like in my case, the reader is a heterosexual male). You can purchase Acker’s book here:

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