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The Nick Jensen Interview

Nick Jensen (@nick__jensen) has been a staple in the London skate scene for a very long time. From being Isle's artistic director to skating for the legendary Blueprint, being in Lakai's "Fully Flared" and recently designing a Nike SB blazer, Nick has done it all. Interview conducted on the 22nd August 2020

Interview: Robert Delaney (@robertjdelaney)

(Above) Everyday Ghosts, Nick Jensen

Robert: You’ve been skating in London for multiple decades now. The scene here has changed immensely over the last few years. For you, what has changed the most about the London skate scene?

Nick: London skate scene- It’s been nice to see how the scene has changed. Its changed in the way new and younger people have become involved. The ethos hasn’t changed, it’s still the same open minded and creative atmosphere. I must admit that the rate of progress has increased a lot.

R: Do you think that there is anything the London scene lacks?

N: Skate scene lacks - No I think a scene is something that happens organically, it’s hard to say it lacks anything. I think the more the general public understand it as something artistic and social the better it could be. Sometimes I think people see skating as anti-social and destructive.

R: Who are you looking out for in the upcoming generation of new London skaters?

N: Not to name any names, but people who just do themselves. People that don’t try and compare themselves to other people too much, just have fun and push themselves

R: You’re the artistic director for Isle, has the coronavirus effected your means of producing artwork for the company over the last few months?

N: Weirdly the demand for isle has increased in lockdown, Skateboarding has become more popular. People realise it’s a really great form of exercise and a good mode of socially distant transportation. I work from home so it hasn’t effected artistic production. It has also been a good time for reflection.

R: On the topic of reflection, you’ve spoken openly about your struggles with mental health on skate trips. Have you got any advice for those who feel trapped or distant or from others, especially in the context of the whole coronavirus pandemic?

N: Yes, I have spoken about my struggles. I really like to be open and encourage others to talk or becoming self-accepting about how they feel. It can be so hard, especially in lockdown; life can be a lonely road, much less busy now and so it can highlight and amplify anxiety. I don’t like to offer advice. Just know a lot of people are finding it difficult, you are not alone. There are always people to talk to.

(Above) BS Tail slide , Still from Nike SB x Isle Promo Video

R: Does anyone still ask you about your parts in the Blueprint videos?

N: Blueprint, not really... I'm an old dog now, not many people remember!

R: What’s next for you, anything new coming up in the near future?

N: Watch this space, lots of exciting stuff happening with isle in the future.

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