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The Myles Brown Interview

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Myles for quite some time now. He’s one of the most well rounded skaters I know (besides rail but we won’t dwell on that). More importantly, Myles is one of the most genuine guys around. Based in Leeds at the moment, we spoke to Myles about a plethora of different topics. Interview conducted on the 20th September 2020.

(Above) BS Disaster, Photo by Olivia Smith (@olivia.beechdene)

Robert: So, what you saying, you alright?

Myles: Yeah man, I’m alright!

R: Cool man, so you’re up in Leeds now, how long you been up there for?

M: Eh, a year yeah. In three days, it’ll be a year exactly.

R: Fucking hell a year already, so what’s Leeds like compared to London?

M: Yeah its good. I don’t want to say it’s better than London but it’s different. The scene is more inviting. More stuff going on that kind of thing.

R: What’s uni saying though? What you studying now?

M: Graphic Design. The course is alright, its decent. I passed the first year. Its mad, I don’t even know how but I did! I did like two essays that’s all but yeah I passed. Its good though, I’m going into second year now, that should be decent.

R: So, is that the plan for the future or do you want to do anything with skating?

M: Yeah I’d love to do something with skating but sometimes you have to be realistic you know. It’s hard out there!

R: So, no new stuff, no parts coming out soon?

M: Yeah you know, my new vans part is coming out soon haha! Nah I’m joking, I’ve got nothing in the works really, just insta clips here and there. But yeah, I’ve got nothing coming soon.

R: Is there any new up and coming youngers that you’ve got an eye on in Leeds and London?

M: There’s this guy called Vincent (Sadowski) who’s really good.

R: Yeah Vince is sick!

M: But yeah there’s a few, two local kids called Ashton and Noah rip on transition. There’s a few others that are really good around. I like how they all skate, they’re really sick. They’ve got that outside of the box thinking.

R: So you’re parents are American and you go over there to skate a lot, tell us about that time you met Brian Wenning. What was he like to skate with?

M: He’s fucking cool. He’s like, imagine what a guy in New Jersey would be like. You know what I mean, all hunched over, gangster. He was all like “yeahh man, do a switch front shuv onto the ledge man”. He even gave me his board, that was nice. Yeah he’s a really sound guy.

R: Any other gnarly people you’ve been skating with recently?

M: Nah not really, I’ve just been skating the mini at Hyde like a dickhead haha!

R: I saw a few of your recent clips, what’s Hyde like compared to the more mellow tranny of North London?

M: Yeah Hyde’s way gnarlier. It’s an old park, it was built a while back. It’s been around for a long time so it’s all cheddar cheese you know, if you fall you’ll get all scratched up you know. You have to be a bit more careful, but it’s still fun. The transition is big, its steep but it’s not whippy if that makes sense. You can get speed going up it and do big airs, it’s cool.

R: Hyde also has a pretty sick girls’ scene. I know London is getting better but when I was up in Leeds there were loads of girls skating, why’s Hyde such a different environment do you think?

M: I don’t even know. It’s crazy though. I think its cause we have a group of girl skaters who are really good so they encourage other girls to come skate Hyde. They’re all really gnarlier though.

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